About Us

After a 10 year break from importing fantastic products from Europe and the USA, Wollaton audio is back with some excellent audio accessories to improve the sound from your system. For those of you who have been audio enthusiast for some time you will rememver XLO cables, Monarchy Audio, Wavac amplifiers, Klyne Audio Arts, Kochel loudspeakers and Audiovalve. We will be expanding our portfolio, but only when we find products that are significant improvements in either sound quality, value for money or preferably both. In the meantime two great product ranges to whet your appetite.

From the USA we are delighted to have the RSX cable line from the original designer and owner of XLO cables, Roger Skoff. After selling the XLO cable brand Roger has waited until new materials technologies have become available before attempting to improve on the original excellent XLO designs. Not only has he done this at the usual high end price points, but has applied himself to making substantial improvements at the more economical end of the cable market. The first in the Benchmark range is a mains cable, truly an audiophile bargain.

We have also been researching vibration control / isolation for audio systems, finding that this is an area where, how can we put politely, it most devices act as filters at certain frequencies, changing the nature of the sound but not necessarily uniformly isolating or absorbing across the frequency band, resulting in an improvement. The EVP products from Norman Varney at AVRoomservice perform exactly as they should, uniform isolation and vibration absorption based on science.